Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Provide resources for the spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well being of children.

The Encouraging Life Children’s Outreach wants children and young adults to understand that life is precious, both now and eternally. The best way to encourage life is to build a relationship with the Creator who can offer eternal life. Building this relationship is the primary goal of the Encouraging Life Children’s Outreach and should provide ‘Hope for Tommorrow’.

It is understood that helping children often means helping their parents / caregivers and dealing with situations and difficulties that children must face in their daily lives. Although this type of care is often urgent, it is secondary in importance to building a relationship with the Savior. This is the ‘Help for Today’.

Educational Vision

Develop and freely distribute educational materials for children (and their parents / caregivers).

The core of the educational materials are the 5 categories of: Relationship, Reality, Responsibility, Righteousness, and Resisting Evil. Materials can include but are not limited to: pamphlets, booklets, books, and seminars.

Outreach Vision

Develop a series of volunteer outreaches within the United States where children can be helped locally.

Local outreaches are started by volunteers who are led to do a certain work in their community. Local outreaches are not only a visible way to share the message, but are a great way to set-up local programs to help with physical needs such as a food pantry, clothing, counseling, or even temporary housing.

Development of the outreaches will require training materials for the volunteers. Many have a desire to help, but have no practical experience or knowledge in what needs done or what situations they may encounter.

Funding Vision


While the Encouraging Life Children’s Outreach and the associated outreaches do accept donations, prayer for provision to meet the need(s) is the primary tool for funding. Blessings and miracles should follow with the work of the Kingdom of Heaven and will draw more people than any fund raising effort.

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