The best way to encourage life is to build a relationship with the Creator who gave life and can offer life eternal. With this in mind, a core element of the Encouraging Life Children’s Mission is the development of booklets and seminars that train and guide children (and their families) into a relationship with the Messiah.


The relationships we have with our Creator and with each other probably have the biggest impact of anything in our daily lives. Learning to properly worship the Creator and to study His word in Scripture will not only build and strengthen that relationship, but it will enable us to follow His direction for our lives. And being where He wants us and doing the work He gives us is one of the greatest ways to receive blessing, protection, and peace. Learning to be polite, cooperative, and forgiving helps to form healthy, close, and strong relationships with our family, fellowship, co-workers, and others in society. Healthy relationships benefits everyone involved by multiplying the joys and minimizing the sorrows in life.


If we do not know what is real, then we cannot know how to best do everything in life. Reality is foundational to all our choices. As long as one is unsure what is real, then judgment will be fuzzy at best and blind at worst. It should be obvious that things that are false will lead one astray, but how often do we really make the effort to check out what is true and what is simply myth or fallacy? In the sciences, understanding that the evidence supports the Creation account rather than Evolution can have a tremendous impact on how one views life. Life becomes precious and mankind is to be made and valued above the plants and the animals. Also, people have an innate concept that there is a spiritual aspect to life. If the true understanding of the spiritual comes through (rather than some new age force as many propose), then we can effectively pray, work against demonic influences, and stop those things that negatively impact our lives from behind the scenes.


Our responsibilities in life are many and varied. They come in the forms of covenants, contracts, promises, and even basic personal needs. Our Creator has given many instructions in His Word on how we are to live life, use the world’s resources, and even how to care for ourselves. If we do not follow these instructions, we can damage our health, our environment, and the world. Our responsibilities ensure that things are taken care of rather than neglected. Whether it is a person or a building, care will encourage growth while neglect will cause it to whither and eventually collapse.


Righteousness is the measure by which everything that has ever, or will ever, happen. The history of man clearly shows that righteousness will benefit life and bring blessing and that, conversely, sin will harm life and bring curses and destruction. The Kingdom of Heaven honors righteousness. However, man cannot attain perfect righteousness by himself. Mankind needs, and must accept, the perfect Savior who can make atonement for our trespasses, bring righteousness back to this world, grant eternal life, and remove the effects of sin from our lives.

Resisting Evil

Falsehood, selfishness, laziness, and sin all take away from life. These are the things the Adversary encourages. The teachings of Evolutionism reduce the value of life, especially regarding man in comparison to the remainder of creation. False forms of worship remove the guidance and blessing we seek in life. Choosing to escape into entertainment and fantasy rather than work to build up life makes us miss out on so much. And finally sin, the worst of them all, hurts whatever and whomever it touches and causes separation from our loving Creator. These are the things that must actively be fought against and avoided.


This is a bonus rule … and a warning. We can get so busy trying to attain peace, that we forget to live life and enjoy it. We should enjoy reality. We should enjoy relationships. We should enjoy our responsibilities, righteousness, and resisting evil. One should take the time to relax and enjoy the moment. This is the greatest pleasure in life – being able to just enjoy living wherever you are and with whomever you are with.

Life is Precious

Life is precious! What encourages life? Two of the simplest answers are love and righteousness and these come from the Creator. If a relationship is built with the Creator, then love and righteousness will follow. Then life, both for oneself and those around, will increase rather than decrease. We all want to live life to the fullest. Is this actually attainable or is it merely a dream? Yes, it is possible! However, it is not a quick fix to get from where we are to where we want to be and it does not seek what is most pleasurable for the moment. Instead, it is a long-term situation in which we seek peace. It is continually building life up and avoiding what is harmful to life. Over time, one can achieve a blessed life with peace, love, and even honor.

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