Children’s Outreach Projects

We, the staff and volunteers, are here to serve the people of the world that come our way. These people may or may not be believers in the Messiah. They may or may not have terrible backgrounds. We should keep our expectations of them low nor should they be expected to act to any type of high Scriptural standard. Initially, much of the help given will probably come in meeting physical needs rather than spiritual needs. Hopefully, as those needs are satisfied and as they see our example in other areas, they will continue to seek spiritual help as well. This should be viewed upon as planting seeds.

The authority over the child resides with the parent(s) or guardian(s). The help given a child through the Outreach must be permitted by the parent. Teaching and training done with either parents or children should be done male to male and female to female in order to prevent difficulties, emotions, and temptaytions. If problems occur with the children, the staff should go to the parent and allow the parent to correct the child. Staff should not come between parent and child.

Similarly, the accountability for the children’s actions are with the parent. Parents should be told at orientation that they are to have authority over their children. If the children are causing problems, the parent will be held responsible.

Guests that need help, should first be encouraged to set goals and then helped in achieving them.


You cannot force help upon another person. In fact, unasked for advice is often shunned. Therefore, let it be known that people at the campus are available to help and for counseling. Then, when people come and ask for help, one knows they are ready. We are to act as servants to those we are helping and not as their master.

It is important to remember that when a person has a crisis situation, they are looking for relief and not a long term education. Therefore, take care of their immediate needs without pushing other things on them. When they are ready, you can work with fixing problems in their life, salvational issues, and other ways of serving them. Give them what they need, not what we want to give.

Encouraging life includes helping children and parents to be responsible. Effort should be made to give children age appropriate activities / responsibilities that they can do while at the campus. Ideas include watering a plant or caring for an animal.

Groups and Organizations

Due to the safety of the children (as well as staff, volunteers, and other guests) the number of visitors at the campus will be limited.

The GCO will make a meeting room space available for groups that work with children. This space should be decorated in a child friendly theme. This includes homeschooling groups. Other groups, such as those intended for adults only, should not use the facilities. This use will be made available for free and by donation only.

Program Assistance

Going to government housing and subsidy programs should not be encouraged. Rather, focus on solutions that can be found in Scripture or through prayer on their specific situation. However, it is the choice of the person if they want to go this route. If government help is chosen, give assistance in filling out the forms and the application process.

Help may be given for job searching as well. This will usually apply to the parents of the children being helped. A representative with the campus can work with the surrounding communities to know what jobs are available or to help a person in searching for a job. This can include helping a person receive a General Education Diploma or training in some type of activity. This would include a list of possibilities for mothers working at home. This could include typing, cleaning houses, babysitting, sewing, etc.

Regular classes for adults should be made available for those who choose to come. Topics can include how to be a good worker, how to run a business out of a home, teaching good communication skills, or how to make a good resume.

Needed Supplies

A supply of donated or cheap clothing should be kept on hand or money to purchase needed clothing for those who are in need.

A food pantry is for those in need. This is not limited to those living on campus, but can be used for children and their families in the local area as well.

Other supplies such as toiletries, towels, kitchen plates and utensils should be provided for the guest just as it would be done in a normal house. It is also preferable to have them color coded by family so everyone can clearly know whose is whose.


A supply of toys, games, paper, pencils, crayons, paint, books and other materials for children shall be kept on hand. If available, a computer, without internet access, and loaded with decent games should be kept available for children.

Activities and games that can be done without mixed sexes touching are encouraged. Non-competitive games are encouraged. Regular activity is a healthy thing so use of the gymnasium should be encouraged.

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